And I am using 3% of it, beat that motherfuckers!

Do you not believe in me? I have gone so long in to my universal theory for me to understand space and how life was greate. Let's explaine it like this:

Birth / creation:

  1. woodlouse

  2. millipede

  3. moth

Just like you today can se (and knowing exist):

  1. maggot

  2. pupa

  3. Butterfly

And please, don't come telling me that life started in the wather. Life was create and started on land.

I don't think I'm gonna come longer with my research with how long back the human is realeted to. I only know that the human was a ankylosaurus under the dinotime, ownmade photo here:

When I'm saying I'm using 3% of my brain it's still gonna fucking long way left. Because I don't take 3% of 100%=100 billion cells. I take:

3% of 100 000 000 000% of my brain is working..

But you that think it's sad that you maybe using only 1%. Be happy and think about those people who only use 0,01%. And more tragic... the persons who use -0,003% just wait untill they have fucked up there brains so powerful that the people who is those retards realy using -0,00 000 000 001% Let them burn in HELL...

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