"Future" = "the worst"

In about 100 billion of years you will find out that everything I writing right now is correct. Just wait ans see.
You have hard times in front of you, that when terrorin Alive very vell have infect you with a mental infectious sickness. Then there is nothing else you can do. Nothing else than trying your hardest to not go all mad.

She comes whispering in your ear exactly when you thought everything was over...

Do you want to meet terrorin Alive? She is ruthless, nasty, raw, egocentric, scary, unmanageable, selfish and she is driven by a total megalomaniac. And she is inside of me. And I pray to God everyday. When you well are in contact with terrorin Alive you will to beg for your life to God everyday to.

- !!But remember!! -


Beacuse what's happening if God and Satan fall in love?

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