Paul Gray get's into my place directly overloaded


Now I make myself understood:

After Paul Gray (# 2, played bass in Slipknot) died so began slipknot members chatter that I have to buy him as reborn. And I'm like WTF how the hell am I supose to do that ... And the more I thought about, I realized what the hell he was reborned to.

Okay we start trying to convince us that slipknot is not at all cheesy. So, we can continue.

Slipknot has been pretty quiet sold their souls to Satan if she would be.

Slipknot calls all his fans for "Maggots"

Paul Gray was number 2 and would then have two lives according to them, O we come to ...

It was then I realized that Paul has become a fucking centipede. I kind shouted "hell notes, search up someone else" but no, I would obviously be he, and not only that I would have nine pieces ... So I ba 'okay let's get this fucking animals then! "

So I looked up some of those exotic insects page and wrote something like:

"Hi, I would like to buy a big fucking black millipede" (2 legs per leg portion, 2 = paul) whatever

As a girl answered and said she had kids and I ba, ah perfect! Kids and everything! Paul has just died, he can not be an adult one, I mean;)

So I bought them, found only eight pieces, found the 9onde in the hall a week later, yikes ...

But but when I got these vile creatures I got the at once to see who Paul was. For all but one crawled into the earth directly. But Paul (the one I saw was actually Paul) took an honorary lap around the aquarium to bed then as an "S" = as in Slipknot. and ate on a leaf ... It can only be true right?

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31 jan 2013

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