The Sun


The Sun

About me (12 December 2011)
My name is Therese Hedlund and I send this script in to Swedish Movie industry and got the answer there about a meeting with two people from SF (Swedish Film industry). So I got to the meeting, took my mom with me if I needed someone with brainpower… It end up with something like this (After maybe one hour of talking with the movie people) that I had a great idea to a movie but that Sweden didn’t have enough to create a movie like mine. So they wanted me to search to different film schools to make my dream of a movie come true. But I did not search to any film school. Instead I went home and lay down this project a bit, but, I started to animate on my computerlessions so I some day maybe could do the film animated all by myself. But my whole idea with the movie is to make it as real as possible witch is impossible for me. So now I am sending this movie script to the USA and hope for some great ideas. Hope you like it!

Therese Hedlund

The text coming, after this, is from the movie script are directly translate from Swedish to English through Google translate. Because I didn’t want to do any changes in the script. It may be a bit strange on some places but I guess you maybe will understand. If not. Contact me and I will more than well explain the black holes for you. Original script starts now: 


The Sun
About Me

My name is Therese Hedlund and I am 20 years old and lives in Stockholm. I've always been fascinated by film. Especially horror movies. I have worked in video stores for over a year and have looked at all the material that has interested me. I began my fascination with the movie at age 13. This became worse and worse and I think everyone in my family asked what I thought. But during this time, my thinking changed and gradually got the idea for this movie to me.

The film is about the girl terrorin that may survive in the most terrifying times and environments.

I see the movie as a sci-fi film with thoughts of life, death, time and eternity of the universe cycles. The film is based entirely on my own ideas and thoughts. It has taken me a long time to arrive at the result but it has been a real challenge. A challenge with the thoughts that have not always been pleasant and with feelings that have not always been good.

I hope that my first "script" ever will be on your mind. I have the whole movie in my head but it's harder to get out of it. Therefore, I need your help that create films to complete it.

Contact Information:
Therese Hedlund 

Mail: [javascript protected email address]

Screenplay for the film "The Sun"

A man has all his past life lived as woodlouse. "The woodlouse" be reborn ago on the planet Sun (our Sun) that human = terrorin.
Terrorin's parents are too sick to understand their environment.
Mom = multiple personality disorder2.
Dad = multiple personality disorder3.
terrorin's mother dies at birth of terrorin. My father dies when terrorin is about 7 years. Terrorin grow up on the planet, the Sun himself with just intelligence and reptile brain to help.
Terrorin is dying of fright when one of the planet solar giant woodlice goes on the attack. Terrorin survive but build after its hiding place, with a spear. Terrorin die 16 years old on the planet Sun.

Terrorin become since her father's sperm as she walked by "speed of darkness" to the earth. Terrorin born on Earth but are born at the same time on the planet Sun in "two" souls. Which half of the sun and half on Earth.

Terrorin live without voices and thoughts on Earth. While terrorin2 is paralyzed with fear at the Sun. On the sun is terrorin half soul of a body. Proving mood of panic and calm in the same body. On the sun do not remember terrorin how or by whom she was born. Terrorin terrified that woodlice have given her. Because of the appearance and behavior = which is in ...

Terrorin looking for this life up hiding in caves to distribute their great love in the next life (life without a soul). Terrorin die 14 years old.

Terrorin become sperm in her father's body on planet Earth = time is relevant = terrorin born on Earth as she lives on the sun. Terrorin birth for the third time on the planet Sun. Now, without a soul = a "monster".
Terrorin's "friends" arrive at the sun as hallucinations but terrorin have no fears of hallucination because her soul did not exist. Terrorin help three of their hallucinations to survive. C, J and G.
Terrorin multiply with G. Which is possible because terrorin believe that the hallucinations are real. Terrorin get two girls. Twins.

Terrorin, G, J and C help to each other to take care of 1 and 2 (twins).
Terrorin multiply then by C. Where two pieces, boys = 3 and 4.
Terrorin multiply ago with J, a daughter = 5.
J and C then multiplying by 1 and 2.
G multiply by 5 and so on.

Terrorin live a good life in his cave with a "hallucination" = souls. Of which children are "monsters" with souls.
Terrorin, G, J, C, and their children multiply rapidly and become a large flock. All people and "monsters" multiply always with it as it is at least off with. This happens naturally.

Terrorin die 63 years old and retina of G, J and C are disappearing.

Terrorin's mind and body is complete on Earth.
Screenplay for the film "The Sun"

The woodlouse has traveled with the "speed of darkness" through space "psychological atmosphere" between life and death. The woodlouse made their way around the universe and was born on the planet Sun. The woodlouse lived "old" life and became bigger and bigger. The woodlouse multiply rapidly and quickly took over the planet Sun. The woodlouse is about 1 meter high and 1.4 meters long. The woodlouse has adapted itself to the living conditions at the Sun.

On the sun is different from the centrifugal force, making sure nothing "may" be greater than one meter high. Terrorin must therefore live on all four legs simultaneously in order to survive. Would terrorin stand up, she would panic = over = centrifugal force in space.
Woodlice could feel the fear and panic and go on the attack.

In order to survive best on the planet the Sun would terrorin have to stand a meter over ground (in space). But this is impossible due to centrifugal force.

Terrorin a time during his life on Earth up two angels to the planet Sun. The angels then contributes to the worms out terrorin2's dead body on the planet, the sun will be fertilized with "woodlouse" creating centipede. (Mask is made from terrorin's body because she was alive.) Breed of millipedes is the black race Mardonius parilis acuticonus. These then grows up to a size of approximately 2.8 meters.

Millipedes will circulate around the sun along with woodlice and terrorin3's life. Millipedes, woodlice, terrorin3, G, J and C's progeny will circulate around the sun in all its infinite time.


Screenplay for the film "The Sun"
Parents / growth

Terrorin's parents has multiple personality disorder on the planet Sun. Terrorin's parents are so insane on the planet, the Sun that they do not notice woodlice and all the death around him. This allows them to live there without panicking. All people in the family terrorin have been insane = multiple personality disorder. "The people" were hallucinations, souls, just as C, J and G when they came to the Sun.

All in terrorin's race saw each other as living, but they were not. From terrorin's roots, each offspring receives more and more brains. Until that day my father and mother were born. Mother and father had multiple personality disorder but only in two and three parts. These two gave birth to a whole person. Ie terrorin.

Terrorin's mother died when she gave birth terrorin, including father's third personality had to deal terrorin. Father's other two people died with mother.
My father died when terrorin was 7 years old. My father ended his life by saying "I love you". My father never spoke.

"I love you" those three words were the reason for terrorin's survival on the planet Sun. But even the three words that made terrorin to slop over the fear and panic.


Screenplay for the film "The Sun"
On Earth

On Earth live terrorin without voices, hallucinations, thoughts and souls. Terrorin is an ordinary girl who lives her life with heavy metal and electronic music. Terrorin may in its 16.e life-years contact with what she calls God. C from the planet Sun. C, who lives his life on earth completely independent of C in the sun. 


Screenplay for the film "The Sun"

Terrorin broadcast during their live time on Earth unconsciously (from top) off invaders (food) to the planet Sun. This breed is independent of Earth's schizophrenic souls.
Terrorin realize after a while she sends to the sun, but realize that it is impossible to convince a schizophrenic mind that it is wrong.
Terrorin makes every effort to explain to them schizophrenic souls that they are wrong, but quickly realizes that it is quite impossible. They schizophrenic souls on planet Earth believe they can move the matter into matter.

To move the matter into matter is impossible but to get to the planet Sun psychologically possible. If you travel to the dark rate. These schizophrenic people turn their souls so hard in the wrong direction that they probably already (at present) has transferred itself to the planet of the sun. On the planet The sun will come true souls and the souls remain there until the sentence with his soul (not exist) take back to Earth with the speed of light.

On the planet The sun will they schizophrenic souls / bodies food indefinitely.


Screenplay for the film "The Sun"
The film

• Everything in the film is set in the present.
• All thoughts, voices, hallucinations and souls takes place with the American language.
• woodlice can not talk and they think only when they kill.
• Centipedes, Mardonius parilis acuticonus, can not speak and think only silent "buzzes" but thinking aloud when they are intimidated.
• woodlice kill and eat fresh. Millipedes are intimidated and eat carrion.
• Both species woodlice and centipedes are quiet when they eat.
• Both species woodlice and centipedes are friends. But woodlice stands highest in rank.
• Woodlice and centipedes the size I have taken from dinosaurs.
• They multidimensional beings, I have taken as proof that the time between the plane and the plane is no longer relevant to each other.


All rights owned by me, Therese Hedlund for the screenplay for this film.

October 6, 2010

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